The Story of Scripture: A Basic Overview of the Bible (Part 2)

For many people the Bible seems like a puzzle. It feels like a thousand piece puzzle dumped on the table in front of us. None of the pieces seem to fit together and there is no clear way to know how to make them fit. I've got some good news for you. If the Bible … Continue reading The Story of Scripture: A Basic Overview of the Bible (Part 2)

The Story of Scripture: A Basic Overview of the Bible (Part 1)

The Bible is the all time best selling book. Nothing comes close. But it might also be the least read book. In the last few months I have read numerous reports bemoaning the lack of biblical literacy in the church. The American Bible Society also reports that most Americans believe that the Bible is inspired … Continue reading The Story of Scripture: A Basic Overview of the Bible (Part 1)

2016, A Year to Remember . . . Forget . . . Understand?

The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time people think about resolutions, turning over new leafs or setting goals. All of that is fine, in fact, that is what this article started out to be, but morphed into something else. What it has become remains to be seen. Instead of looking forward to … Continue reading 2016, A Year to Remember . . . Forget . . . Understand?

Theology 101 (The Doctrine of the Incarnation)

In an earlier post I promised you some special resources. One of those special resources is a post from time to time called, Theology 101. I wanted the first post in this special series to be about theology in general and its importance for all believers. That post will have to wait awhile. This is the … Continue reading Theology 101 (The Doctrine of the Incarnation)

A Christmas Meditation (Part Two)

Durinng the Christmas season we live in somewhat of a bubble, a Christmas bubble. Maybe it's just me, but I suspect most of us are in the same bubble. We find ourselves in a bubble of festivities, of busyness, of activities, of shopping and music. These are not bad things, but they can insulate us … Continue reading A Christmas Meditation (Part Two)

A Man of God

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the death of CS Lewis, my all time favorite writer. CS Lewis is best known for his seven volume series of children's books, The Chronicles of Narnia, three of which were made into movies. But Lewis wrote many other books in a variety of literary categories. He wrote fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, … Continue reading A Man of God

His Story, My Story

Every good story, whether read, heard or watched, has two basic, fundamental themes. No matter what other themes or ideas may weave through the story, these two basic themes are always there. The two fundamental themes of every story are: journey and conflict. Every story has movement, therefore journey, or it is not a story. … Continue reading His Story, My Story