Precious and Very Great Promises

Promises are wonderful things! They hold out the potential for something great. When someone makes a promise, the anticipation is set in place until that promise is fulfilled. Think of a child who is promised a trip to the beach or his/her favorite food as a treat. The anticipation is great and the enjoyment of the thing promised is massive. Promises are indeed, wonderful things!

The really great thing is that God makes promises. While when people make promises they sometimes don’t keep them, God always keeps his promises. The promises God makes to us are for our blessing. They are essential for the Christian life. God makes promises to us about things we really need and often struggle with. So, the promises of God found in his word should be something we intentionally focus on as we read the Bible.

God tells us in 2 Peter 1:4 that he has given us his precious and very great promises, so that through them we may become partakers of the divine nature. Notice that the promises of God are called precious and very great. They are precious in that they are of infinite value. Nothing in all the world can be of more value to us than the promises of God. They lead us to God. In them we find a treasure trove of truth and spiritual blessing to satisfy the deepest hunger people have for God.

The promises of God are also said to be very great. They are not merely great; they are very great. The greatness of the promises of God are seen in their power to transform  the hearts and lives of people. They are the special gift of God to  bring people into a relationship with God and to nurture and deepen that relationship. It is therefore important that believers know and actively claim the promises of God. It is important not only for our good,  but also for the glory of God.

Because this is so, I want to offer some meditations of some well known, and not so well known promises of God found in Scripture in future posts. These are not all the promises of God, but they will be a good cross section of the kind of issues people struggle with in their lives. Each meditation does not exhaust the meaning or application of the promise under view, but only serves as a way to help readers do deeper meditation  of their own. Take the meditation offered as a starting point for further meditation on the promises of God. These are seeds that if planted in the soil of our souls will grow and produce much fruit for the glory of God.

In each meditation we will look at personal application to the believer’s life. We will also look at the character of God and the person and work of Jesus Christ. The application will be grounded in the work of God in Jesus. Therefore, these meditations will be God-centered but still sensitive to the needs and struggles we humans face. The best and only true answer to the struggles of life is the power of the love of God in Christ.

There will be great blessing in meditating on the promises of God. It can be a time of fellowship with God as well as direction for daily living. As one grows in understanding the promises of God, they grow in understanding God and his plan. Meditating on the promises of God is not the only way to interact with the Bible, but it is a rewarding way that bears much spiritual fruit in the believer’s life.

So, claim the promise of 2 Peter 1:4 that the precious and very great promises of God can change your life and make you more like Jesus.

Next time we will look at the promise of Philippians 4:13.

That’s a promise!


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