His Story, My Story

Every good story, whether read, heard or watched, has two basic, fundamental themes. No matter what other themes or ideas may weave through the story, these two basic themes are always there. The two fundamental themes of every story are: journey and conflict. Every story has movement, therefore journey, or it is not a story. And every story has conflict, struggle, tension, or it’s really boring. The journey and conflict of any story may be internal or external. It can be inside or outside the protagonist. The story may never move spatially but have great movement in the person. Likewise, the conflict in the story can be either internal or external. The reason that every good story has these two basic themes is that it is the way we experience life itself. Life is a journey. Life has conflict. Life is story.

One often hears people talk about their lives as their stories. There may at times be some self-centeredness in this kind of talk, but it is also a good way to talk about ones life. Most people can relate to it. But when we talk this way, what is my journey and my struggle really about? What does it mean? Does it have meaning? Or do we just make up the meaning we want? 

Those of us who follow Jesus, find the meaning of our story in him. He is the meta narrative of our narrative, our story. We desire that  our stories connect to his story in deep and intimate ways. This connection is maintained by what I like to call Christian biblical spirituality. Each of those words can have varying meanings. Let’s unpack them a little bit.

I call it Christian to differentiate this spirituality form other, non-Christian kinds of spirituality. Christian spirituality is very different for non-Christian spiritualities. Christian spirituality is focused on Christ and is practiced by the power of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, I call this kind of spirituality, biblical, because some Christian spiritualities are not focused on the Bible nor are they biblical in nature. The kind of spirituality I want to practice and promote is not only biblical in nature, but is also focused on the Bible. The Bible is the source and the instrument of this spirituality. The Bible tells us what this spirituality consists of and we actually use the Bible in its practice. 

God has spoken to us in his Word and by his Spirit. We connect to him in a real and intimate way by his Word, his Spirit and prayer. This is the purpose of this blog, and really the purpose for my life, my story: to help others connect to God through his Word, Spirit and prayer. So, I’m going to offer you some resources in the coming weeks and months to help you go deep with God and help you connect your story to his story


I am going to write as many articles on the blog as I can, but I’m also going to offer some special resources from time to time. Some of these will be:

  • A Classic Christian Literature Blog: In this blog I will give a review of some really good books (mostly from dead guys) that have blessed many Christians over the years.
  • A Look at a Bible Book Blog: In this blog I will give an overview of a biblical book. The purpose of this blog is to help you understand books of the Bible as a whole, so when you read them you can better understand them. Some people do not read certain books, and if they do they do not get much from reading them.
  • A Theology 101 Blog: in this blog I will take a key doctrine of the Bible and present it in such a way to help you understand it. When we understand the truth of God’s Word, we can better live it out.
  • A Praying the Scripture Blog: in this blog I will look at various texts and put them in the form of a prayer. Many Christians over the centuries have found this a wonderful way to connect with God.

So, come join me in the journey. We want to joyfully trek down the path of knowing God in deeper ways, so that our stories will connect with his story. We will find heart blessings along the way.



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